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Fantech 4" Round Duct Elbow FEA 4 (SKU: 4530.38)Fantech 4" Round Duct Elbow FEA 4 (SKU: 4530.38)
Leviton IllumaTech LED Dimmer IPL06-10Z (SKU: 5010.725)Leviton IllumaTech LED Dimmer IPL06-10Z (SKU: 5010.725)
TCP 14w Torpedo Bulb 10714 (SKU: 1100.754)TCP 14w Torpedo Bulb 10714 (SKU: 1100.754)
TrickleStar Strip 181SS-US-7X (SKU: 7005.609)TrickleStar Strip 181SS-US-7X (SKU: 7005.609)
Bulbright 25w Medium Base Torpedo KR253TC/25 (SKU: 1100.707)Bulbright 25w Medium Base Torpedo KR253TC/25 (SKU: 1100.707)
TCP 13w Eco$ave  SpringLight  1ES13 (SKU: 1100.128)TCP 13w Eco$ave SpringLight 1ES13 (SKU: 1100.128)
TCP LED Dim A Lamp (SKU: 1100.0172)TCP LED Dim A Lamp (SKU: 1100.0172)
Niagara Tri-Max Showerhead N2615CH (SKU: 3000.224)Niagara Tri-Max Showerhead N2615CH (SKU: 3000.224)
Philips 11w A19 LED 11A19/END/2700 DIM 6/1 (SKU: 1100.158)Philips 11w A19 LED 11A19/END/2700 DIM 6/1 (SKU: 1100.158)

energy conservation at home

Energy Conservation at Home
  Americans consume a disproportionate amount of the world's energy. But we can make a difference by using electric saving devices and conserving, saving our recourse's.
    There are lots of ways to make your home more energy efficient  with electric devices – to save conservation, you save money! This section covers all the changes you can make in your home, from simple tips for saving conservation water measures devices, to advice about new energy-efficient boilers, to detailed information about insulating every area of your home. Electric devices (Home  Conservation Check) Our Home Energy  Saving Check helps you look at the energy you use through your whole house. Give your home a check up and you could save around $250 per year! Heating and  (Hot Water) The latest on energy-efficient boilers electric devices to save you money, and the right controls to use as little energy as possible, whatever the age of your boiler. No boiler? Find out about controls for electric systems too. (Conservation  Products For Your Home) One third of your household's bills, and well over a quarter of your household's carbon dioxide emissions, come from electric devices & appliances. Find out about the efficiency of the appliances you use and how you could use them more efficiently. Water) Treating water to make it clean, delivering it to our home, and heating it all use a lot of energy. Saving water saves energy conservation and will also save you money.
   Check out this section for a range of tips to help you save water inside your  home and out. (Roofs, Floors, Windows and Walls) The better insulated your home is,  the less money you'll spend electric to heating it. Use this section to find out more about different types of insulation, including draft-proofing, energy-efficient glazing, insulation for lofts ,walls and, electric saving devices. Conservation, (Lighting) Whether you rent or own, and whatever kind of home you have, cutting your lighting bill is one of the easiest ways to save money in the home. Go to this section for tips on saving energy conservation, information about electric devices & the wide range of saving light bulbs available, and answers to your lighting FAQ. (Saving Products) Only products that meet strict criteria on energy conservation efficiency can carry the label Energy Saving devicesTrust Recommended label. The idea is that whatever the product.

Electricity Saving Device
Conservation electric saving  (devices)    and efficient heating system into a drafty, poorly insulated house/ reduced energy bills. But you’ll notice a more dramatic savings and even make yourself more comfortable if you also make your entire house more energy-efficient. How? Here are some ideas:
  • Weatherstrip devices and caulk to seal air leaks.
  • Increase insulation levels to reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.
  • Open drapes on south-facing windows on sunny winter days so that the sun’s energy can help heat your home, and close them in summer to help keep your home cool.
  • Choose energy conservation-efficient electric device & products efficiently. 


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