TrickleStar Strip 181SS-US-7X
TrickleStar Strip 181SS-US-7X
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Advanced PowerStrip (APS) is a fireproof 
surge protection for all appliances including PC's and Televisions. They also provide premium quality and reduces the amount of energy consumed. They have a built-in current sensing circuitry.
Easy to install and is suitable for residential and businesses. TrickleStar Advanced PowerStrip are used by more than 30 utilities and enrgy conservation programs Worldwide.

  •  7 Outlets
  • 2 Always On Outlets 
  • 4 Switched Outlets 
  •  Selectable switching  10W / 22W / 42W
  •  15A resettable circuit breaker. 
  •  72,000 Amps 
  •  Ceramic Surge Protection  
  •  Standard NEMA plug 
  • Outlet protectors

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