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    When you turn off electronics, really turn them off. Many electronic devices consume power all the time, such as monitors, printers, DVD players, and other home office and home entertainment equipment. An advanced powerstrip such as this Belkin model will insure that these devices are not only protected against surges, but when the main item is turned off, power is also cut to all the related items.
    Controls can make your house smarter, and your life easier. Whether you use specialized hardwire and plug-in controls to turn devices off automatically, or turn them off manually, turning lights, fans, phone rechargers, and other electronics off will save energy.

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Sylvania Dual Mode Off-Timer


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  Replace your existing wall switch with the new light Outdoor Timers, and it will turn off all by itself! This is a perfect switch for the bathroom fan that you always leave on. It a standalone wall switch timers. This electric outdoor digital timers makes managing Landscape lighting and outdoor appliances a snap. These electric switch have buttons that turns on a lights for a preset amount of time. Digital Timers switch are appropriate for rooms you don’t stay in for very long, walk-in closet or attic. If you need to keep the lights on for an extended period, you can reset or over-ride the controls with the touch of another button. Electric timers switch can help minimize moisture in bathrooms if used to controls bathroom vent fans. To be most effective, start the fan/light 5 minutes before a shower and set the timers to run for 10 minutes after a shower. With digital electric outdoor timers you can set lighting to come on at different times for different days, controls multiple appliances and with a random setting, make it appear someone is home even when you’re away. Outdoor digital timers are more precise and more flexible in their settings than mechanical timers. With an indoor plug-in outdoor timers you can turn lighting, appliances, seasonal displays and more on and off at preset times. Heavy-duty timers are available for appliances like a window-unit air conditioner or space heater. The electric Digital Wall Switch Timers is ideal for conformance to energy codes where assurance is needed that lights are turned OFF indoor or outdoor when not in use and an occupancy sensor is not the best solution.  Ideal for closets, storage rooms and electrical rooms. Lamp timers have been used mostly as a security digital device for years, turn on your lights, radio and other things to make your house look lived in while you’re away. While this is a great use for digital timers switch, other possibilities that will help lower your electric bill. If you have a lighting that you like to keep on timers.

·         Charge your digital cell phones, laptops or other battery gizmo every day for an hour or two.

·         Combined with an electric power strip to make sure everything is really off outdoor also.

·         Turn off your digital electric cable boxes when there not in use.

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